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Avondale JUMP Socks

At JUMP we have special grip socks that are compulsory to wear on our trampolines when buying an admission with us.

There are a few reasons for this;

  1. Safety – Our JUMP socks have a non-slip grip on the sole of each sock to prevent you from slipping on any of our equipment. JUMP will not allow any other pair of socks on our trampolines and are very strict on this policy. JUMP is the only safety certified trampoline park in New Zealand which means we have a very specific criteria that we need to follow regarding our safety rules and the equipment that we provide. Our JUMP socks have been specifically designed to meet this very criterion. All our JUMP crew have the responsibility to ensure ONLY JUMP socks are worn on our trampolines at all time to reduce the risk of injury.
  2. Hygiene - JUMP is passionate about our customers and this includes the cleanliness and hygiene of our facility. Not only do we sterilise our trampolines each night we also require all customers to wear our socks on the trampoline for hygiene.

We keep the cost to a minimum because it is a compulsory requirement and the socks are re-usable. Next time you come back to JUMP bring your clean JUMP socks to save $2.50. Please ensure they are not too old and the grip is still in good condition. Our friendly front of house staff will ask to see your JUMP socks upon entry and check in.

As part of our entry process you must be wearing our JUMP socks (from any JUMP park) and a correct colour coded wristband to assist us with the capacity requirements on the trampolines each hour.

All our locations have different coloured JUMP socks. Here at Avondale we have fun purple and yellow stripes with green detail that really makes them stand out from the crowd! Come and collect your pair now for only $2.50.

You can collect all colours from our other locations;

North Shore  - Yellow JUMP socks with purple details

Takanini - Purple JUMP socks with yellow details